By introducing the Terrix® brand to the market, PCC decided to use its experience in the renovation of historic buildings and monuments.

Working closely with our importers, we are gaining a reputation for offering high-quality, innovative materials, In the construction, housing, commercial and healthcare sector, and naturally being the best solution for heritage properties in the UK.

The renovation market is governed by different laws than those we know in the case of commercial investments.  Repairs and renovations of listed buildings are carried out under supervision and taking into account that it has to last for decades rather than years.

The commercial market accepts that the facades and internal walls must be refreshed every few years.

Terrix’s most significant innovation was the introduction of polymer silicates to the market. Thanks to this, the commercial and residential markets gained access to previously available solutions for the historical sector.

The unique properties of the Terrix products and systems

  • The most significant advantage of polymer silicates is their resistance to weather conditions.
  • Due to the chemical bonding to the substrate, there is no risk of cracking or flaking.
  • The products’ chemical composition allows us to offer very high resistance to dirt and algae – previously unavailable on the market.
  • Our material properties are essential not only for the external facade but interior paints, which prevent mould growth and thus do not cause the emergence or development of respiratory diseases and asthmatic conditions.
  • A very high level of vapour permeability allows the walls to breathe. Indoors, the humidity level is naturally regulated, and there is no risk of water condensation. The vapour permeability of the buildings’ external walls helps shorten the program because there is no need to wait for the facade to dry completely before the final layers are applied. In retrofit projects, it allows us to start work without the expensive and long-lasting wall drying process.
  • Another important feature when choosing products and systems is their fire resistance. Since the polymer-silicates are mineral-based, they are incombustible. Even the best silicone or acrylic products available on the market cannot achieve this feature.
  • We put great emphasis on the way products are applied. In the case of interior paints, we have reduced the labour intensity by approximately 70% and in the case of exterior facades by approximately 50%. This translates directly into investment costs and significantly shortens their application processes. Therefore an increase in speed naturally offers a reduction in the delivery programmes and a reduction in labour, management and energy.
  • The unique properties of polymer-silicate have allowed us to develop repair/maintenance methods that are many times simpler and cheaper than competing systems. The maintenance costs of buildings with Terrix products are significantly lower.
  • We have simplified the installation and application process so that it is safe for contractors’ health.
  • Pollination and silica are the most crucial silent killers on British construction sites. The application of Terrix products dramatically reduces these risks.
  • A significant issue is also the impact on the environment.

When applying Terrix PL-SX-S, water consumption is reduced by 95% vs traditional skim coats. Power consumption can be reduced by as much as 50%.

  • The application of Terrix products and systems requires fewer employees, which translates directly to increased workplace safety. So far, the work has to be performed by 12 people. In the case of Terrix is performed by only 4.
  • When designing Terrix systems, we paid great attention to our solutions’ safety and the problems associated with the available solutions.
  • Due to the environment’s care, we have developed Terrix Eco boards that replace OSB and plywood but are made of 100% recycling products, i.e. empty juice and milk packages and plastic bags. By creating this product, we help to solve the problem of plastic waste.
  • Applying our Terrix External Wall Insulation System with mineral wool to housing stock means we can deliver an energy-efficient solution to reduce carbon emission on properties whilst providing cost-effective and sustainable green solutions to the homeowner and tenants.
  • Applying Terrix anti-bacterial paint reduces the risk of the spread of diseases.
  • We follow the principle of sustainability, which is visible in our products and our company’s philosophy.

Summarising Terrix is:

> Environmentally friendly – lower water consumption, electricity, and product use 

> Speed of application – Means faster investment processes and reduction in the build process time and labour 

> Reduction long term maintenance costs by keeping their structure and long-term protection  

> resistant to unfavourable weather conditions

> Reducing health risks inside the property

> Highest rating flame retardant materials 

> Commercially competitive 

> Safe – fewer workers, no dust, no need to use work at height scaffolding 

> Increasing skilled labour to apply spray renders, plasters, paints, and brick face via dedicated training programmes 

>Widely available materials against more scarce common materials used in the UK 

The Terrix® systems are the best products available due to their unique features:  

• In-built protection of heat contributes to the insulation 

• Breathability 

• Moisture protection

• Flame retardancy

• Long life colour

• No maintenance

• Black mould, algae and dirt resistant

• Chemical bond means no delamination, no blistering or peeling of any finishing

• No risk of cracking

• No water penetration  -resistance to the weather 

• Salt coastal area barrier

• Pollution proof 

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