Terrix Repair and Crack Restoration Systems

May 27th, 2024|Case study|

Terrix Repair and Crack Restoration Systems Terrix® systems offer a uniquely chemical-bonded product: - flame retardancy - no delamination - no cracking or peeling - natural algae resistance - fully waterproof - long-lasting colours - high resistance to dirt Additional client benefits of: - low maintenance costs - speed of restoration - minimal disruption to the [...]

Polymer-silicate premium paint from Terrix at NEW VICTORIA project by VINCI Construction

May 27th, 2024|Case study|

Terrix® paint range offers unique properties not available from other paints on the market. Based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersive binding agents. How is it different? Reduction in labour times and build programme. Colour retention lasts for years. Eradicating long-term maintenance issues. Flame Retardant. No peeling or delamination, or cracking. Increased health benefits [...]

Terrix PL-SX Spray Plaster

May 27th, 2024|Case study|

Terrix PL-SX Spray Plaster Ready-to-use plaster coat for machine levelling of interior walls and ceilings. ⋅ Chemically bonded product ⋅ No risk of cracking or flaking ⋅ Chemical accelerated set ⋅ Very clean application process ⋅  Superior quality finish ⋅ Consistent finish - minimal snagging Additional client benefits of: ⋅ Higher productivity outputs - up to 500m2/man/day. ⋅ [...]

How does using Terrix® materials help the developer, applicator and property owner deliver strong sustainability, environment and carbon contribution by default

May 27th, 2024|Uncategorized @mt|

By introducing the Terrix® brand to the market, PCC decided to use its experience in the renovation of historic buildings and monuments. Working closely with our importers, we are gaining a reputation for offering high-quality, innovative materials, In the construction, housing, commercial and healthcare sector, and naturally being the best solution for heritage properties in the [...]

Terrix® winter render systems

May 27th, 2024|Uncategorized @mt|

Terrix Winter System Render in the winter months, is a challenge to the construction industry. Contractors and applicators face the same issue year after year. When the winter months arrive, cold and wet weather can pose a major problem for contractors and installers, who are working to tight programmes and deadlines. In most cases, render projects are [...]

Why renders used in the UK often fail and are subject to algae growth, cracks, and delamination.

May 27th, 2024|Uncategorized @mt|

There are several reasons why renders used in the UK often fail and are subject to algae growth, cracks, and delamination. Some of these factors include: Climate and environmental conditions: The UK experiences a relatively damp and humid climate with frequent rainfall. This can lead to an increase in moisture penetration into the render, providing an [...]

Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Contractors: Terrix® IPPS-1 – The Industry’s Game Changer in Snagging

May 27th, 2024|Uncategorized @mt|

Terrix® IPPS-1 polymer-silicate spray plaster and paint system. Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Contractors - The Industry's Game Changer in Snagging Terrix® IPPS-1 Internal Paint and Plaster System Introducing Terrix® IPPS-1: The Ultimate Game Changer for Contractors Discover the future of interior finishing with Terrix® IPPS-1, a revolutionary plaster and paint system that [...]

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