Terrix® paint range offers unique properties not available from other paints on the market. Based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersive binding agents.

How is it different?

Reduction in labour times and build programme.

Colour retention lasts for years.

Eradicating long-term maintenance issues.

Flame Retardant.

No peeling or delamination, or cracking.

Increased health benefits with low moisture levels.

The composition of the paint is mineral which means the paint is free of surface electrostatics, in other words, it won’t attract any dirt or dust, and therefore its appearance won’t change over time.

Due to its vapour permeable characteristic, it allows walls to naturally receive and give off moisture. This eliminates damp and mould, prevents dust collection, improves
general hygiene.

A paint that leaves buildings looking NEW long into the future.

No flaking or cracking

Terrix® paints bond to the substrate by chemical reaction. Traditional paints create a film on top of a substrate which can lead to peeling or cracking.

Flame retardant

Due to the lack of organic components in the paint and pigments used for colouring. In contrast to most paints on the market and all standard emulsion paints, Terrix® IP-ST-P protects against the spread of flame. The mineral character of the paint makes it fully incombustible.

Very high resistance to wet scrubbing and washing

The product exceeds Category I (BS-EN-13300) requirements and is suitable for use in heavy-traffic areas.

Very high resistance to dirt

It is not achievable by organic-based paints on the market (all emulsions including acrylic, latex and silicon) due to its mineral formulation and lack of surface electrostatics.
The dust IS NOT attracted to the paint.

Very high resistance to yellowing

Built-in UV blockers to maintain the original look of the paint.

Black mould and algae resistance

Increased Ph level (high alkalinity) delivers natural and long-lasting protection. Terrix® IP-ST-P paints do not contain any Biocide (which are not recommended for internal use)

Deep, quality matt appearance

Smooth, velvety finish that does not reflect light and provides a luxurious appearance.

Natural regulation of moisture levels

Due to the microporous structure enabling the “free” travel of moisture and the use of hygroscopic proprieties of the wall. Lower moisture levels mean less expensive heating and a lower risk of developing asthmatic health conditions.


The paints are odourless, and their very high Ph level offers natural and far better protection than other systems.

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