universal adhesive/base coat

Dry, mineral base coat/adhesive based on modified hydraulic adhesives and polymer adhesives with modifiers for manual or machine application. It is recommended as a part of TERRIX® EWI Systems to bond insulation to the substrate or as a base coat in the reinforcing layer. It is designed for indoor and outdoor environments.



leveling base coat

Lime based leveling render. Dry, mineral leveling base coat based on hydraulic adhesives and selected aggregates (including light aggregates) for manual or machine application. Terrix® RD-LB can be used for renovation of historical and listed building and monuments.



latex antibacterial hygienic paint

Latex antibacterial hygienic paint. It is especially recommended for painting walls in rooms of heavy traffic (such as corridors, staircases, etc.) and ‘wet’ rooms (such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries). It is also recommended for public utility buildings, health service premises, hospitals, operating theatres and food industry production plants (without direct contact with food).



polymer-silicate external coating for cracked substrates and renovations

Terrix®renovation coating is based on innovative Swiss, patented technology converting potassium water glass into a polymer. Polymer-silicate coating offers all advantages of well know silicate coatings without limitations related to the application process. Terrix® EC-PS-RN is being used for the restoration of the most beautiful historical and listed building in Europe.



primer for polymer-silicate paints

High-quality product based on acrylic dispersion with silicone hydrophobic agents. To be used as a substrate primer properly before application of Terrix® polymer-silicate outer coats and for hydrophobic impregnation of all typical external absorbent building substrates.



primer for polymer-silicate renders

Primer for polymer-silicate renders. Suitable for priming of all typical building substrates in building exteriors. For application on mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, lime plaster, cement and lime cement plaster). Reduced surface absorption and extended workability time.



spray plaster coat

Terrix® Pl-SX-S is a ready-to-use plaster coat for machine leveling of interior walls and ceilings. For final levelling and smoothening of surfaces before painting. Suitable for all typical mineral surfaces (such as concrete, cement, limestone, lime and gypsum plasters and plaster boards). Due to its chemical formulation, the product dries even when higher relative humidity levels.



internal paints

Terrix® IP-ST-P paint is based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersion binding agents. Due to its vapour permeable characteristic, it allows walls to receive and give off moisture naturally. The high alkalinity of the product delivers natural and long-lasting protection against algae and black mould growth. The paint is very high resistance to wet scrubbing and washing.